About LWF World Service

World Service – Upholding the Rights of the Poor and Oppressed

LWF World Service “Upholds the Rights of the Poor and Oppressed” working in remote areas of the world to support and assist vulnerable communities including refugees, internally displaced persons, disaster affected populations and other vulnerable communities. LWF World Service is the internationally recognized humanitarian and development arm of the Lutheran World Federation (LWF). LWF is a member of the ACT Alliance.

What are we doing?

Responding to and Preparing for Disasters (Category – Emergencies)

World Service responds quickly and professionally to the need for food, shelter, water and security in times of natural or human-made disasters. World Service works with local communities in high-risk areas to strengthen their ability to prepare for increasingly frequent and severe natural catastrophes such as floods and drought. Global advocacy efforts address social injustice resulting from climate change.

Creating Sustainable Communities (Category – Development)

World Service empowers marginalized communities around the world to ensure food security, provide access to education and develop the means to earn a living. Through vocational training, further education and income generation projects, World Service strives to provide opportunities for change, enabling the people it serves to live lives of dignity and self-sufficiency.

Combating HIV & AIDs (Category – HIV & AIDs)

Through health and education programs, World Service raises awareness of the scope of the poverty, despair and societal breakdown caused by the AIDS pandemic, particularly in the global South, and to reduce the stigma and discrimination experienced by those living with HIV.

Promoting Peace, Reconciliation & Human Rights (Category – Rights)

In societies traumatized by war and violence, World Service works with neighboring communities to help them overcome their differences. World Service employs tools such as meetings between conflicting parties, peace committees and sharing of resources to help lay the foundation for true and lasting peace.

Transforming Gender Relations (Category – Gender)

World Service gives priority to addressing gender inequities in the communities with which it works, striving to involve both women and men in decision-making and leadership, protect women from violence and facilitate open discussion on equal rights.

Protecting the Environment (Category – Climate Change)

World Service engages local partners to help communities adapt their ways of making a living in the face of climate change, and to encourage responsible stewardship of the environment and natural resources. World Service draws on knowledge within the community to promote sustainable practices in areas such as crop management, family planning, cooking methods and water use