LWF Chad – SITREP No.1 March 25th 2013

Country Name: Chad    Date: March 25 2013

Emeregency Name- new influx refugees into Chad     Sitrep Nr 1

Prepared by Jan Schutte- e-mail: rep.tcd@lwfdws.org


Situation Overview

A. Central African Republic Refugees

Since Friday March 1 2013 Central African Republic refugees have started crossing the border at SIDO and have been transported by UNHCR to the CAR Refugee camp in Bélom ( formerly Moula and Yaroungou joined into one camp in November 2012 due to repeated flooding ) distanced at 30 km.

The first influx was 63 families or 860 persons.  The total has since increased to 5,624 persons as per March 22 3013. There have been no new arrivals since March 22 but the Coup d’état in Bangui of March 24 may have further consequences- but too early to say.

The refugees have been accommodated in the Bélom camp for now and the government and its partners are looking for suitable sites to host them. A transfer of some 2,500 refugees from amongst the new arrivals to the CAR refugee site of Gondji close to Goré has been considered but the Chadian government has not yet given its go-ahead for that possible transfer.

  1. LWF/DWS Emergency response

Since March 2 the LWF Chad program has been providing hot meals for the new arrivals with financing from UNHCR, distribution of NFI’s provided by UNHCR and identifying the Persons with Special Needs who will be assisted with shelter- also with financing from UNHCR  ( $ 25,000 for the moment ).

In case persons will be transported to the Gondji site LWF has been requested by UNHCR to provide hot meals,  be in charge of protection of the environment, prepare the agricultural campaign and assist refugees with credit for Income Generating Activities.  Those needs are estimated at $ 275,000.

 2.2. Population Data

The Chadian Government agency Commission Nationale d’Accueil, de Reinsertion des Refugiés et des Rapatriés (CNARR) is responsible for the registration of the new arrivals. So far only numbers of families and individuals are registered and there is not as yet segregated data for age and gender.

 2.3 Problem areas and gaps

The main problem is funding for UNHCR and its partners to respond to this crisis. Funds are now taken from the regular 2013 program to address the most urgent needs.  Even for the regular 2013 program UNHCR has only received 30% of the required funding as per March 20 2013.  The UN Humanitarian Coordinator has issued an alert about the funding situation of the Chad CAP 2013 on March 20 as the CAP 2013 only received 9% out of the 500 million $ requested..

The LWF ACT Appeal 2013 is also only funded for 2, 56 % as per March 13 2013 and not given us the means to respond to the crisis with our own funds.  ($ 25,516 out of $ 997,378 requested).


 B- Sudanese Refugees

Since February 2 2013 1,797 families or 12,484 Sudanese have fled their country and installed themselves in the area around Tissi. Tissi is 270 kms from Goz Beida and 235 kms from Koukou and in a triangle border area between Chad, Sudan and the Central African Republic.

The persons have fled the fighting between different clan over the control of a gold mine in Djabal Amir in Darfour. They are of Arab origins and are accused of the other Sudanese refugees already in camps since 2004 of being responsible for their displacement. Hosting these new arrivals in one of the existing camps is therefore not a good solution. No interventions by the Humanitarian Community took place yet- except assessment visits- the latest now under way since today. The UN and NGOs are waiting on the outcome of this visit to further discuss possible next steps.

Jan Schutte

LWF Chad Country Representative


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