LWF Mozambique Floods – Situation Report 4 – 5th March 2013

Headlines :

  • Chiquelane camp officially closed on Friday
  • LWF staff back in all communities
  • LWF and its partners in the ACT Forum have finalized the main appeal
  • LWF Coordination, Monitoring & Communications
  • Challenges: availability of funds
Even though there has been little rain over the past two weeks, fields are still flooded and rivers are still over their banks. © LWF/Melany Markham

Even though there has been little rain over the past two weeks, fields are still flooded and rivers are still over their banks. © LWF/Melany Markham

Chiquelane camp officially closed
The government of Mozambique has officially closed the Chiquelane camp where some 70,000 people had temporarily camped and were assisted. This means there will be challenges with returnees to settle back, clean their compounds and salvage whatever was left after the floods.  On the other hand power and water supply has been fully restored in Chokwe town. There is a significant increase in activities in the town: shops, market and other facilities are gradually becoming a beehive of activities.

LWF staff back to all communities
LWF staff who were part of the Chiquelane camp and the rest of the team are all back in the communities that we work with. Assessment reports show that most of the communities where we operate in suffered a lot. However there are some positive sides of the story that the emergency preparedness facilitation that LWF has been doing over time played some role in reducing the impact of the disaster. As rain has ceased over the last two weeks our office in Chokwe is fully operational.  Access to all communities is possible and LWF has delivered 841 jerry cans, 675 blankets, 144 cooking kits, and 70 plastic sheets to 407 Households equivalent to 2035 people in the districts of Chokwe, Mabalane, Guija and Chigubo.

LWF and its partners in the ACT Forum have finalized the main appeal.
The ACT Mozambique forum has finalized the appeal which has been issued on 5th March[1]. After re assessment of the situation the LWF Mozambique amount requested for the response has been reduced to USD675, 000. With about 200,000USD already received from the Church of Sweden, we are looking for $500,000 more to respond on WASH activities, Food security, recovery and livelihood restoration and NFI and Shelter.

LWF Mozambique will, if funds are available, undertake cash transfer activities as part of the $500,000 being requested.

[1] http://www.actalliance.org/resources/appeals/MOZ131_Floods.pdf/view

LWF Coordination, Monitoring & Communications
LWF staff who were living in the temporary camp continued working and attending meetings over the past weeks and have met with officials from the Mozambique Government in the Gaza district and are also informally monitoring the delivery of aid on the ground.

LWF Mozambique is coordinating the information among the ACT members and is briefing Maputo and Gaza staff on the next stages of the response. The Programme Coordinator is providing overall coordination between the field response and the Maputo based staff.

The LWF Regional Communications Coordinator has left for Nairobi and the Regional HUB Team Leader has joined our team.

Challenges – Availability of funds
The need for funding remains high. There is dire need of seeds and mosquito nets in particular. The Government of Mozambique has begun to repair roads into areas in the North of the province which are still cut-off by road, yet full access is unlikely to be restored for a number of weeks.

Prepared by George Mkanza,

LWF Country Representative
5th March 2013

[1] http://www.actalliance.org/resources/appeals/MOZ131_Floods.pdf/view

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