Mauritania – Sitrep no. 23 on LWF’s response to the crisis in the Sahel (drought and refugees)

Lutheran World Federation – Program of Mauritania

Situation Report # 23

From July 21 – 27, 2012


Drought crisis in the Sahel Region

A joint nutritional screening was conducted in Nouakchott by the MOH, WFP and CSA (national service in charge of food security). 15,684 children, pregnant and lactating women were screened and 4,932 people or 31% were found to be malnourished. As a result, WFP has opened 9 new nutritional centres in the city of Nouakchott.

WFP has planned to add 2,000 vulnerable households from Nouakchott for cash transfer project. The second round of cash transfer has started in rural areas. Moreover, WFP has planned to begin a general food distribution for 30,000 host community people around Mbera Malian Refugees Camp.

Actions by LWF/DWS and ELS (its implementing partner in Senegal)

  • Started the vulnerability survey for the 975 additional households from Nouakchott under the LWF/DWS portfolio for the cash transfer project
  • LWF/DWS provided first round of cash transfer to 1,823 vulnerable households from Nouakchott (WFP-funded project)
  • LWF/DWS provided first round cash transfer to 1,260 vulnerable households from Hodh (ACT Project)
  • ELS completed the first cash transfer and has reached 1,447 households from 3 rural communities [Diouroup (377 households), Tattaguine (539 households), Diarére (531 households)] from the Fatick Region, Senegal
  • ELS has started the procurement process of cereals and other food stuff to be used for making enriched food

Malian Refugees Camps in Mauritania

UNHCR and LWF/DWS have finalized the plan and budget for the period from July to December 2012. LWF/DWS will continue with the camp management and the construction of shelters. The implementation of AGOR, the new Malian Refugees Camp, has been suspended.

There is no new development in terms of security in the south-eastern Mauritania. At present, the total population of Malian refugees is estimated at more than 94,000. It is worth noting that it is now raining in the camp.

Actions by LWF/DWS

  • Carried out rehabilitation of shelters for 74 households of people with specific needs and for other 140 households. These households were sensitized also regarding the maintenance of shelters
  • Attended inter-agency meeting in the camp. The focus of this meeting was on hygiene and sanitation throughout the rainy season in order to order to prevent ill-sanitation diseases (cholera, diarrhoea, etc.) among the refugees
  • Completed negotiation with UNHCR on the plan and budget for the second phase of the project (from July to December 2012)
  • Trained 120 women from Mbera camp on the distribution of NFI. The trained women will be involved in the distribution processes (checking identities and arranging people at the distribution centres), and in the post distribution surveys.

Kasongo Mutshaila
Fédération Luthérienne Mondiale (FLM)/Entraide Mondiale
Représentant Résident – Mauritanie

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