Mauritania – 13th Sitrep on the Crisis in the Sahel

LWF/DWS Mauritania Program
Situation report # 13 (April 30, 2012)

Camp Mberre

The population in Camp M’berre exceeded 62,472 persons or 13,620 families by the 24 of April. The vast majority of refugees arrived from the northwest and central Mali, due the recent developments in the security situation in the regions of Mopti and Timbuktu.


The situation in Bassikounou and throughout the region remains dependent on the socio-political and military situation in Mali. According to several sources, AQIM (Al Qaida) operates on the ground with other terrorist groups and could possibly be linked to Somali al-Shabab.

More than 200 Malian soldiers are moving into occupation zones in the north. No information is yet available regarding the nature and purpose of this mission. Challenges by the new government and the opposition could create an influx of refugees.

Food security

Food for a period of 15 days to 52,000 refugees arrived but there are 62,000 refugees listed. UNHCR is to find a quick solution together with WFP. 350g rice / person, 20g sugar, 50g ssb, 5g salt, 2000kc/per person.


An operation to provide food assistance to more than 800,000 people is being launched by the United Nations World Food Program in the rural commune of Oukout in Ziguinchor region. People hit by the poor harvest will receive food to cover their basic needs during the lean season. The launch of the operation will be attended by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development and WFP Senegal Country Director Ingeborg Maria Breuer.


Human Rights Watch said today  that separatist Tuareg rebels, Islamist armed groups, and Arab militias who seized control of northern Mali in April 2012 have committed numerous war crimes, including rape, use of child soldiers, and pillaging of hospitals, schools, aid agencies, and government buildings. An Islamist armed group has summarily executed two men, amputated the hand of at least one other and carried out public floggings, and threatened women and Christians.

Human Rights Watch also received credible information that Malian army soldiers have arbitrarily detained and, in some instances, summarily executed ethnic Tuareg members of the security services and civilians.

According to several news agencies the leader of last month’s coup in Mali has rejected the West African decision to send troops to the country. The coup leaders handed power to an interim civilian government earlier this month.

LWF/DWS Actions

•             People from the LWF/DWS in Mauritania will attend the LWF regional meeting in Nairobi on the April 30 to 8 of May.

•             A Cash Transfer project in collaboration with WFP will begin in Nouakchott targeting 5.102 vulnerable households in 6 months.

And Best regards,

Thomas Ekelund

Fédération Luthérienne Mondiale/Lutheran World Federation

Chargé de Communcation/Communications Officer


Adresse Physique: Tevragh Zeina, E. Nord 363, Nouakchott

Téléphone: +222 22 64 98 87 Bureau: +222 45 25 29 90


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