Mauritania – 12th Sitrep on the Crisis in the Sahel

LWF/DWS Mauritania Program
Situation report # 12 (April 23, 2012)

According to New UNOCHA report, at least 270,000 people have been displaced as a result of conflict in northern Mali since 17 January. According to UNHCR, 131,561 Malian refugees have been officially registered in Mauritania, Burkina Faso and Niger. At least 30,000 more are in Algeria according to the Algerian government.

Limited humanitarian access in northern Mali remains a key concern and significantly complicates information gathering, needs assessments, and response. The conflict has exacerbated a larger food security and nutrition crisis affecting the entire Sahel region. Across the Sahel, over 15 million people – including 3.5 million Malians – could face severe food security this year, and over 1 million children are at risk of severe acute malnutrition.

IDPs and refugees are arriving in severely drought-affected areas where food security forecasts are among the worst in the host countries. According to several sources, considerable gaps remain in the funding and response to refugees and host communities

Camp Mberre - between 500 and 1200 refugees are arriving everyday. LWF Mauritania (a member of the ACT Alliance) is doing everything possible to keep up with the influx of people with the capacity to set up around 300 tents per day. © Thomas Ekelund

Camp Mberre

The camp population of Mberre exceeded 58,577 people on the 21 of April 2012. The number of refugees arriving from the northwest and central Mali is progressively increasing and due to a changing security situation in the regions of Mopti and Timbuktu, UNHCR has announced a massive movement of refugees in the coming days, heading towards Mauritania (Fassala).

The Malian government wants to negotiate with the rebels but independent Islamists who organize themselves are still gaining ground. Safety training for LWF guards has taken place in the premises of the LWF Bassikounou. There are ongoing discussions with the UNHCR if training for all LWF staff is required.

The storage capacity of the camp has increased to 690 m3 due to a combined effort by Solidarity, MSF and UNHCR. The amount is currently 9 liters / person / day. 1,500 latrines are ready fo installation provided by Solidarity and another 1000 laterines and toilet latrines provided by Oxfam and UNHCR to complement the largely insufficient 80 existing. Oxfam has announced the possibility of a new drilling at Mbeure.

Food security
The CSA is about to begin distribution starting on the 23 of April. World Food Program has installed a refuelling site in Bassikounou, the city closest to Mbere, which also will serve as preventive storage (contingency stock) and general distribution of food.

Site Planning
Just over 6,842 tents have been set up by UNHCR and LWF at Mberre camp since the beginning. Another 2,915 tents are ready for newcomers and LWF is about to install another distribution centre and UNHCR health centre.


The government of Senegal has announced a slight drop in prices of rice, oil and sugar: 110 CFA francs less on sugar, 240 CFA francs less on oil and was FCFA 40 to 45 CFA on rice by variety. (Newspaper the People’s Saturday and Sunday 21 and April 22, 2012).
At the same time, the state announced it will conduct food distribution in the coming months.

The Lutheran Church of Senegal´s (ELS’s) activities
– As part of mobilization and the commitment of local management committees, meetings with the presidents of rural communities and Tattaguine Diouroup to inform them of the project have taken place. Each rural community has a local management committee
– The board of the church has just hired a supervisor in the project to ensure better planning and execution of field activities

The Lutheran Church of Senegal´s actions ahead:
– Work on the organization of accounting and distribution of accounts based activities will continue next week
– A meeting of all members of local management committees to define a common strategy on data collection in the field will be held Friday, April 27
– The first part of training on the prevention and disaster reduction is to take place.

LWF/DWS Actions

  • WFP conducted a training on fund banking and two staff from LWF Mauritania attended
  • WFP will conduct another training on cash transfer and two staff from LWF Mauritania will attend
  • LWF/DWS is conducting training in Emergency Prevention and Management for ELS Staff from April 23-25

Thomas Ekelund
Chargé de Communication
Fédération Luthérienne Mondial
+222 2264 9887

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