Mauritania – 9th Sitrep on the Crisis in the Sahel

LWF/DWS Mauritania Program

SITREP # 9 (April 2, 2012)

The situation of the Sahel Region remains volatile in terms of security. In Mali, the military junta seized power on 22 March by coup d’état. It has been reported that the MNLA Rebels and Ansar Dine Fighters captured the city of Kidal, Gao and Tombouctou. This may lead to increased massive displacement of people.

In Senegal, the results of the second round of the presidential elections were officially announced; Macky Sall won the elections with 65.8%. The former President Wade democratically accepted the results. This has been regarded as a good lesson of democracy for Africa and it has contributed to sustain peace in Senegal.

In Mauritania, reviews of the EMEL Programme (Government emergency response plan) have been conducted in some areas.  The efforts made by the Government of Mauritania have been acknowledged. The Government has devoted a considerable portion of its budget for subsidizing food in order to reduce the effects of drought on the population. However, it has been observed some problems in terms of the implementation of the EMEL, including identification of vulnerable people, conditions regarding the support to pastoralists, management of shops, etc.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Antonio Guterres, visited the Mbeur Malian Refugees Camp. He declared: Mali is experiencing a terrible humanitarian crisis. There are more than 180,000 Malians who have been displaced internally and outside the country;  He called for international solidarity to the Malian Refugees and the host communities  who are also affected by the drought. He concluded that mobilization of the international community is essential.

WFP/UNHAS will start its operations in Mauritania. Starting from next week, there will be flights from Nouakchott to Kiffa, Aioun, Nema and Kaedi. The flights will be every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.

 Actions from LWF/DWS

  • The LWF/DWS Mauritania Finance Department will be headed by Hodevia Niyirera, the newly appointed Finance and Administration Manager
  • Demba Niang, the newly hired Mbeur Camp Manager arrived in Mauritania
  • Prepared and submitted a second budget to UNHCR related to the construction of temporary shelters in Mbeur Malian Refugee camp
  • Attended coordination meetings around the Malian Refugees emergency response both in Bassikounou and Nouakchott
  • Finalized a proposal for a cash transfer project aiming at providing support to 11,250 households from Nouakchott. This is part of the WFP Programme in Mauritania
  • Started the identification of the vulnerable households in the ACT project location by local implementing partners
  • Plans to provide additional support in water and sanitation to the Malian Refugees
  • Thomas Ekelund, the Communications Officer, will arrive in Mauritania on April 5 

Actions from other Stakeholders

    • ICRC, MSF and Solidarité continued to provide water to the Refugees
    • The Government of Mauritania through its ministry of Hydraulic has planned to drill boreholes in Mbeur
    • UNICEF started the training of Community Health Workers in the camp
    • WHO has provided medical equipment and pharmaceuticals
    • WFP has already prepositioned food in Bassikounou to assist up to 58,000 Refugees
    • UNICEF has provided tents for the construction of the schools (40 classrooms) to accommodate 1,400 children
    • INTERSOS has been selected for the education sector

Thank you for your continued support,

Sincerely yours,

Kasongo Mutshaila

Fédération Luthérienne Mondiale (FLM)/Entraide Mondiale

Représentant Résident – Mauritanie

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