Mauritania – 8th Sitrep on the Crisis in the Sahel

LWF/DWS Mauritania Program

SITREP # 8 (March 26, 2012)

The overall situation of the Sahel Region has been mainly marked by turbulence, including the coup d’état in Mali. This situation may have additional effects on the current crisis in the region. It will probably lead an increase of Malian Refugees in Niger and Mauritania.

UNHCR has completed the transfer of Malian Refugees from Fassala to Mbeur. As per the recent statistics provided by UNHCR, there are 44,916 Refugees (or 9,058 households) in Mbeur Camp. With the end of the transfer process, Fassala has been considered as a transit site.

WFP is preparing a cash transfer project. This project will provide emergency support to 11,250 households from Nouakchott and 15,000 households from rural areas. The lifespan of this project is 9 months, starting from April to December 2012. The cash transfers will be done through the BMCI Bank and using the phone banking.

FAO is currently implementing 3 projects for a total amount of US$ 1.4 million. These projects aim at improving livelihoods of the most vulnerable pastoralist and agro-pastoralist populations from the southern part of the country.

Actions from LWF/DWS

  • The LWF/DWS Representative continued discussion with WFP about partnering around the cash transfer project in Nouakchott
  • Deployed National Staff to Mbeur for the camp management
  • Carried out community sanitation actions through NFIFW (non food items for work)
  • Finalized the hiring process of the Mbeur Camp Manager and tomorrow, he will travel to Mauritania
  • Finalized the hiring process of the Communications Officer and started preparing his travel to Mauritania early April
  • Field coordination meetings in Mbeur have been conducted and chaired by LWF/DWS
  • Attended coordination meetings around the Malian Refugees emergency response both in Bassikounou and Nouakchott

Actions from other Stakeholders

  • World Vision and Oxfam have planned to implement cash transfers in some rural areas
  • WFP has established food warehouses in Nema and Bassikounou. At the present, there is 250 MT in Bassikounou
  • WHO has planned to carry out Polio immunization from March 23 – 26 in Hodh El Charghi, including Mbeur Camp
  • Solidarité has managed to construct 74 latrines in the camp
  • CSA which is a Government service in charge of food security is dealing with food warehousing and distribution in the Mbeur Camp
  • ALPD (national NGO) is working with UNHCR in the registration of the Refugees

Sincerely yours,

Kasongo Mutshaila

Fédération Luthérienne Mondiale (FLM)/Entraide Mondiale

Représentant Résident – Mauritanie

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