Mauritania – 7th Sitrep on the looming crisis in the Sahel

Dear Partners,

Warmest greetings from Nouakchott!

LWF/DWS Mauritania SITREP # 7

March 19, 2012

Situation Report

The situation of food insecurity in Senegal is critical. The LWF/DWS team (the Country Representative and the Program Coordinator) in conjunction with FELM (Tiina and Aulikki) and ELS – Lutheran Church of Senegal (Pastor Pierre and Jean Baptiste) Staff visited Fangade. This entity is located at 60 km from Mbour and 150 km from Dakar, the Senegal capital city. Fangade has an estimated population of 267 inhabitants. 100 people of Fangade or 37.45% are the most vulnerable. They have no regular meals (usually they eat rice porridge) and no livestock like other community people.

We have noticed that almost all the food reserves in the community are empty. The milling service installed by the ELS is irregularly operating since people have no cereals. The situation has also affected animals, particularly horses, which are used for transportation. The horses have no food and become weak and weaker. It has been noticed that only women, children and people from the 3rd age are present in the community. Youth have been relocated to cities for searching job opportunities. The community people receive support from their relatives living in cities and they also apply solidarity for mutual support.

In Mauritania, part of the effects of the EMEL (hope) Government program, it has been noticed a decrease in the price of wheat (13%), an increase in the price of sugar (4%) and stability in the price of oil.

Regarding the Malian Refugees, LWF/DWS has signed a 3-month project with UNHCR related to the Mbeur camp management. LWF/DWS will be in charge of field coordination and community information. This will enable LWF/DWS to closely work with the Government, UNHCR and other stakeholders as well as to regularly relate with the Refugees.

Actions from LWF/DWS

  • The LWF/DWS Country Representative and the LWF/DWS Program Coordinator visited Mbour and Fangade (Fatick Region) in Senegal and discussed on the detailed aspects of the ACT appeal with ELS
  • Met and discussed with WFP about possible partnership around cash transfer and food distribution in Nouakchott and Brakna
  • The LWF/DWS Hodh Zone Coordinator attended WFP Workshop for Food Security Cluster Coordinators. This was conducted in Bamako, Mali 
  • Attended a working group facilitated by FAO on support to Pastoralists
  • Signed the contract with UNHCR regarding the Mbeur Malian Refugees camp management
  • Started the hiring process of the Expatriate Staff and the deployment of the National Staff to Mbeur Malian Refugees camps

Actions from other Stakeholders

  • UNHCR has signed contracts with its implementing partners in various sectors. The major ones are LWF/DWS, Solidarité Internationale, INTERSOS, etc.
  • UNHCR plans to establish schools in agreement with the Government
  • The UN Security Unit carried out a security evaluation of the South-eastern Mauritania in regard with the current emergency response program. The Unit formulated recommendations in order to further protect Humanitarian Staff and capital assets
  • Solidarité Internationale, Médecins Sans Frontière, Au Secours, UNICEF and ALTD were present in the camp and helped to improve access to water, hygiene and health. They also contributed to receive, guide and install the convoys of Refugees from Fassala to Mbeur.

Sincerely yours,

Kasongo Mutshaila

Fédération Luthérienne Mondiale (FLM)/Entraide Mondiale

Représentant Résident – Mauritanie

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