Mauritania – 5th Sitrep on the looming crisis in the Sahel

Dear Partners,

Warmest greetings from Nouakchott!

LWF Mauritania Weekly Update # 5

March 5, 2012

Situation Report

Malian Refugees
The influx of Malian Refugees is estimated at 1,000 people per day!

As of 3rd March, a total of 32,951 Malian Refugees or 6,940 households have been hosted in the south-eastern Mauritania.

On the 4th of March, 1,650 Refugees were transferred from Fassala to Mbeur (newly established refguee camp) making a total of 9,650 Refugees who have been transferred to Mbeur to date.

LWF/DWS and its local implementing partners (ARDM and AU SECOURS) are present in Mbeur camp. LWF/DWS is fully involved in the start-up activities, in the provision of NFI (blankets, hygiene kits, babies clothing, etc.) and the distribution of mixed soups to supplement to the food ration from UNHCR (rice, vegetable oil, sugar and salt).

The INGO ‘’Solidarité’’ is doing the daily provision of potable water in the camp. This is done twice a day through trucking of water (using a 20 m3 truck).


Actions from LWF/DWS

  • The LWF/DWS Representative had contact with the Christian Aid Regional Emergency Manager on the Sahel Region crisis
  • The LWF/DWS Representative had regular contact with ELS (Lutheran Church of Senegal). ELS has set up a committee in charge of the ACT project in the Fatick Region
  • LWF/DWS attended a planning meeting conducted by FAO on the drought crisis and particularly the strategy related the support

to Farmers and Pastoralists

  • Prepared and submitted its intention declaration (and related budget) to UNHCR for the camp management
  • Attended daily field and weekly Nouakchott coordination meetings
  • Supported UNHCR in the distribution of 7,000 bags (for keeping personal goods) to the Refugees in Mbeur
  • Completed the registration of vulnerable people and planned a joint distribution (UNHCR and LWF/DWS) of food [rice, vegetable oil,sugar and salt (from UNHCR), mixed soup (from ELCA)] and NFI (blankets, hygiene kits, soaps, babies clothing) from ELCA and LWR

to the 8,000 Refugees based in Mbeur

  • LWF/DWS will be part of the team, which will conduct water and sanitation survey in the Malian Refugee camp

Actions from other Stakeholders

  • UNHCR presented its plan and budget for the Malian Refugees for funds mobilization
  • UNHCR received 3,500 additional tents and has brought 10 days food ration
  • Solidarité has started to bring and distribute potable water to the Refugees using 2 trucks (20,000 m3 and 14,000 m3)
  • MSF has brought its materials and equipment as well as 5 Medical Doctors to start running health facilities in Fassala
  • WFP has established its operations at NEMA (195 km from Mbeur) and it is in the process of having a warehouse at Bassikounou
  • OXFAM is conducting water and sanitation survey in Mbeur. LWF/DWS is part of the survey team.
  • AU SECOURS, one of the local implementing partners has provided some goods (CSB and sanitation supplies) to the Mbeur health post

The full ACT Appeal can be found at the following link:

Sincerely yours,

Kasongo Mutshaila
Fédération Luthérienne Mondiale (FLM)/Entraide Mondiale
Représentant Résident – Mauritanie

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