Mauritania – 4th Update on the looming Crisis in the Sahel

Dear Partners,

Warmest greetings from Nouakchott !

LWF Mauritania – Weekly Update#4

February 27, 2012

Situation Report

In regard to the current emergency situation (food insecurity and Malian Refugees) in the country, the Government has reinforced security measures by increasing the number of Gendarmes in the intervention areas. In addition, the Government has set up a system of armed escort for UN Agencies and other stakeholders. The UN System has updated risks assessment in relation with the present emergency response plan.

The overall situation of the Fatick Region (which is part of the ACT Appeal MRT 121 project location) remains calm, as reported by Pastor Pierre Thiam from ELS (the Lutheran Church of Senegal, the LWF/DWS partner). On Sunday February 26, Senegalese people participated to the presidential elections. It is expected that by Friday, the CENA (commission in charge of elections) will officially announce the preliminary result.

Malian Refugees – On February 26, the total number of Malian Refugees has reached 28,313 (or 6,012 households). For enhancing their protection, on February 23, the Government has started transferring the Refugees from Fassala to Mbeur. It is worth mentioning that this has been done earlier than planned. Yesterday, the 26th of February, 1482 Refugees were transferred from Fassala to Mbeur. LWF/DWS, in conjunction with UNHCR, has played some camp management roles, including welcoming, registering, and settling new caseloads in the newly established camp. The UNHCR and other stakeholders (UNICEF, MSF, Solidarité, and LWF/DWS) present in the field are conducting daily coordination meetings at Bassikounou. It has been noticed that needs are numerous compared to the available resources. Therefore, additional support is highly needed in order to save and protect lives of the Malian Refugees.

 Actions from LWF/DWS

  • The Country Representative met the UNHCR and discussed on possible partnership (mainly the aspect of camp management)
  • The Country Representative has maintained regular contacts with Pastor Pierre Thiam from ELS. It has been planned a visit to Senegal the week after the official announcement of the presidential elections
  • The Program Coordinator, the Emergency Specialist and the PME Team visited Malian Refugees from Fassala and Mbeur, and Returnees from Brakna as well as other areas part of the ACT Appeal project location
  • Attended daily field and weekly Nouakchott coordination meetings
  • Welcomed, registered and settled 1,482 Refugees in Mbeur, the newly established camp
  • Finalized the identification of vulnerable Refugees for the coming NFI distribution (planned for tomorrow, February 27)
  • Prepositioned other 30 tons of NFI (blankets, hygiene kits, soaps, babies clothing) and dry mixed soups to Timbedra

Actions from other Stakeholders

  • The Government brought 500 tents (donated by the Kingdom of Morocco), food and pharmaceuticals to be distributed to the Malian Refugees
  • The Government has started transferring the Refugees from Fassala to Mbeur. As of the 26th of February, 4,000 people have been relocated to Mbeur
  • UNHCR is in the process of establishing the camp management structure and mobilizing resources
  • Regular daily field coordination meetings and weekly coordination meetings in Nouakchott have been conducted and chaired by UNHCR
  • NGO Solidarity has brought 2 trucks (20,000 m3 and 14,000 m3) for water transportation. One will be in Fassala and the other in Mbeur

Sincerely yours,

Kasongo Mutshaila
Fédération Luthérienne Mondiale (FLM)/Entraide Mondiale
Représentant Résident – Mauritanie

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