South Sudan – 7th Sitrep on the Conflict in Jonglei State

Dear Partners,

LWF South Sudan – Weekly Update No. 7

13 February 2012

Situation Report

Sudan and South Sudan signed a non-aggression pact on 11 February. Thabo Mbeki, the ex-president of South Africa, said both sides had agreed to respect each other’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. (BBC World)

The South Sudan Human Rights Advocacy Association (SSHRA), one of the country’s 23-member civil Society alliance on Saturday welcomed calls by Human Rights Watch (HRW) for authorities to arrest and prosecute those responsible for the ethnic violence. “To stem this horrific cycle of violence, the organizers have to be held to account,” Daniel Bekele, HRW Africa director said in a press release on Friday. Others say that disarmament, be it forced or otherwise is the solution to ending the violence caused by cattle rustling.

The Crop and Food Security Assessment Mission report released this week predicts that up to five million South Sudanese will face food shortages in 2012. This is an increase of 1.5 million compared to last year. Poor harvests, rapidly rising prices, conflict and displacement are blamed for the deteriorating situation.


According the the United Nations, over 140,000 conflict-affected people have been registered in need of aid in Jonglei State, with rapid inter-agency assessments largely complete and the focus shifting to aid delivery. LWF’s emergency coordinator has reported that there is an urgent need for rapid WASH assessment and intervention in Labrub town, in Pibor County.

At least 22 people were killed and 26 wounded in clashes between cattle raiders from Bor County and Pibor County on Tuesday 7 February, local officials say. According to leaders within the groups, a total of 22 people, who were mostly from the attacking groups, were killed.

Unity and Nile States

Some 100,000 refugees are estimated to be in Upper Nile and Unity states, displaced by fighting in Sudan’s Blue Nile and Southern Kordofan. At least 3,798 UN Peacekeepers have been successfully deployed to the contested region within Unity State on the borders of north and south Sudan, reported the United Nations Secretary General on the 9 February.

The Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) announced on the 11 February today that it had regained control of an area in the Blue Nile state which bordering Sudan.

LWF Response

LWF’s Emergency Coordinator, Michael Mading is going to Bor on the 13 February to further the construction of LWF’s offices there. Today an assessment is being conducted in Duk Padiet, which will determine the focus of aid over the coming weeks.

Water and Sanitation

Overall the water and sanitation resources among ACT Alliance members are overstretched, so CARE is assessing the needs of water and sanitation in Bor and Twic counties.

The WASH expert currently deployed in Warrap Lake State in Wau county has determined that four villages with a total population (host community as well as displaced people) of approximately 4683 people will be served by nine boreholes. All seven boreholes are already allocated to the four villages which will serve this population currently two more will need to be drilled.

At a meeting on the 8 February Wednesday the community agreed that they would excavate and construct one latrine for every three households. This means 150 households shall have access to the toilet facilities at the end of the project. Latrine digging tools, plastic sheets, slabs, vent pipes, were transported to Joung on 11 February and distributed on 12 February. Five people selected by the community will monitor the construction of the latrines. At the end of the construction each group shall be issued SSP 300 to supplement their livelihood. This is a pilot project which may well be replicated elsewhere.

Drilling started on Friday in Malek village where an access road has been cleared by the community. By the 12 February they shall move to other sites while the platform and pump testing team shall be working on the first borehole. Other communities in the area are still clearing access roads and these shall be third sites for drilling by Wednesday 15 February.

On Wednesday a meeting was held in the village of Amothic (pop. 2,088) and three boreholes will be drilled in this village also. Water committees are being formed to prepare the communities to care and maintain the pumps and training will commence immediately after the pumps have been installed.

Three hand pumps are also being repaired with spare parts in Alek north.

Non-Food Items (NFIs)

2500 NFI kits are at the South Sudan border awaiting clearance. Once they are cleared, 1500 will be transported to Panyagor and 1000 remain in Bor.
The 1000 fishing kits have arrived in Juba are scheduled to be distributed around Pibor over the next week. As this area is still insecure a specific timeframe for delivery cannot be predicted.

Peace Building

The Sudan Council of Churches wants to support the humanitarian efforts with a message of solidarity with the people in the areas engulfed in conflict in Jonglei for the sake of peace process.

LWF and the ACT Alliance have agreed to a representative from the Sudan Council of Churches to be part of the distribution team on the next scheduled NFI distributions.

LWF/ACT will send someone to accompany the food/NFI next week on Wednesday/Thursday to Fangak and Uror. SCC is calling a meeting with key peace partners to discuss the strategies for the next phase of engagement in the peace process “peace from the grass roots” next week.

Rev Peter Koang Gatluak, a Nuer is the Peace and Justice Coordinator for the Presbyterian Church in South Sudan and will be present during the next NFI distribution.

Arie Den Toom

LWF South Sudan Representative

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