South Sudan – 6th Sitrep on the Conflict in Jonglei State

Dear Partners,

LWF South Sudan – Weekly Update No. 6

7 February 2012

Situation Report

The UN says that the end of South Sudan’s use of the oil pipeline through Khartoum will increase the South’s dependency on aid. In an attempt to curtail the latest wave of violence, Vice President, Riek Machar, met with leaders from Jonglei state to talk about disarmament – peaceful or forceful.


An interagency assessment in the town of Waat, Jonglei state, reported that there were approximately 15,000 displaced people in the town, although the figures are not confirmed and most have integrated into the existing community staying with relatives or other families. As there are around 500 soldiers based in the town, people had fled there for safety.

Although there are a small number of NGOs working in the town, many of those surveyed as part of the assessment complained that, although the attack that occurred in Uror on 11 January had forced them into Watt, they have not yet received any aid. The difficulty in finding those who have been affected by the violence among the resident population and the inaccessibility of the town are some of the reasons for this. There is no cellular network in the area.

The assessment team identified food, health, water, hygiene and sanitation, non-food items, shelter and education needs among the population.


At least 37 people were killed on Friday 4 February at peace talks aimed at curtailing the latest wave of violence in Abyei, next to Unity state in the disputed border area.


The latest violent cattle raid occurred in Warrap state on the 24 January and killed between 70 – 100 people.

LWF & ACT Alliance Response

Non-Food Items

In conjunction with the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) and a number of other NGOs, LWF completed a distribution of 1500 NFI kits, 700 mosquito nets and 700 plastic sheets to vulnerable households in Likuagole on the 31 of January.

2000 NFI kits will arrive in the town of Bor this weekend. 1000 will be left there and 1000 will be transported 150 kilometres further north to Panyagor.

To assess the needs are in Uror an LWF staff member plans to travel there next week.

Food Security

On the 5 & 6 February, LWF’s Emergency Coordinator Michael Mading will travel to Fangak to complete the distribution of seeds of sorghum, maize, beans and vegetables to 1000 households to help ensure their long-term food security, or that they can grow food to eat over the coming months.

In addition, LWF is pre-positioning 1000 fishing kits in Juba to distribute to affected communities with access to waterways, so that they can fish to feed their families and to sell in markets.


During a visit to Duk Padiet on the 28 January, LWF staff received a list from the head teacher of materials that had been damaged or destroyed in the recent attack. LWF will provide a small grant to replace these materials so that children will not be disadvantaged when they return to school in the middle of February.

LWF is also seeking further detail on the education needs in Waat after the assessment last week in an effort to respond to the community there.

Water & Sanitation

As part of the ACT Appeal a water and sanitation expert from Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) is currently working in Warrap on project for people who have fled from recent bombing raids in Abyei. Onji Charles is rehabilitating and maintaining boreholes and digging 55 latrines for households in the state.

NCA has also contracted a company to dig five boreholes that will supply water to over 1000 households of people who have been internally displaced from Abyei.

Arie Ten Doom

LWF South Sudan Representative


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