South Sudan – 3rd Sitrep on the conflict in Jonglei State

Dear Partners,

Greetings from Juba!

Conflict spreading – Here is my third update to you on the conflict in Jonglei state. The latest reports I am getting from the LWF field, is that the conflict seems to be spreading to other regions, and recently also in Uror an LWF project area. I have requested our Project Manager stationed in Panyagor to begin making assessments on the ground to see what LWF could provide in terms of immediate relief to communities affected by the conflict particularly women and children.

LWF team in Pibor – The team I deployed last week to Pibor are currently making assessments in Linkuangole which is 80 Km outside Pibor towards Akobo. We are planning to start with the distribution of NFIs in these villages. I should get an update on the number of IDPs and a plan of action.

Setting up compound in Bor town – We are currently deploying support staff to Bor particularly for logistics and administrative support. Bor is our intended base for this response and critical for the program consolidation in the Jonglei project area. I have been soliciting support bilaterally from some of our partners to help us finance the setting up an LWF and or ACT Alliance compound in Bor (Capital of Jonglei state) the estimated  cost is approx. USD 150,000. The land has already been provided by State Governor (free of charge) and we are about to erect 2 Rubb Halls and will put up tents for staff accommodation for the short-term. It is top priority for me to be able to have a base in which I can station our staff in order to work in a meaningful way in the region and attract staff who want to work here.

ACT South Sudan forum – On Friday last week, the ACT South Sudan forum met to coordinate the consolidation of the preliminary appeal with LWF as the lead member. We had wanted to send the preliminary appeal to the ACT sec on Friday, but more time was needed in order to get all the accurate information from other ACT Alliance members: NCA, Christian Aid, SCC, and DCA. In addition yesterday,members of the ACT forum  had a meeting with Caritas International  and we have decided that both  networks will work together in our response to the ethnic violence in Jonglei State. Our focus area will be in the areas were LWF already is working, and Caritas will support us with NFI kits and personnel, and we will do joint assessments, monitoring and reporting requirements.

Planned activities – Just as a quick heads up, these are the following sectors we are intending to work in our ACT joint response:

1. Psychosocial support to affected communities, through peace activities, sports, arts, etc…
2. Provision of NFI` Kits
3. Repair and or maintenance of Boreholes
4. Hygiene and sanitation tools (i.e shovels, Mattocks)
5. Peace-building: (mobilization of leaders, youths and communities) Conflict transformation
6. In the recovery stages: entry into training the Youth in skills development.
7. Support to Children affected by the conflicts.

Communications – Tomorrow, Ms Melany Markham will be arriving in Juba. She was the communicator the LWF Kenya and Ethiopia programs have used in the communication support in the Horn Response. I hope that she will provide the quality feature stories and communications for both internally and external audiences for the next 4 weeks from Jonglei.

Security – With regards security, the ACT Juba forum convenor has suggested that we  wait until the planned meeting of the ACT Forum on Friday the 20th of January before we decide on the need for a Secuirty officer from the RST roster . NCA is considering to employing one permanent security adviser, and if they do so then he or she will be available to all the ACT members as a security focal point for the ACT South Sudan forum.

Contact address – My e-mail address is no longer functional and stopped several days ago. All mail sent to this address is not received on this side, sorry for that but little I can do about this server problem. Please use the following address until further notice,

Arie Den Toom

LWF South Sudan Representative

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