Ethiopia – Update on Dollo Ado Refugee Camps 27th December 2011

New Arrivals – by 20th December the number of new arrivals had gone down from 170 per day to between 100-160 refugees per day.  The total number of refugees in Dollo Ado now stands at about 141,000.

Transit Camp – In the transit camp alone, there are more than 8,000 refugees and yet it was built to host 1500!  LWF is responsible for the WASH program (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) but because of the large numbers of refugees LWF has to supplement the solar pumped water supply by trucking in 80-100 m3 every day. This includes water supply for the reception centre as well. Daily monitoring of the chlorination of water is done by trained field staff and trucked water is treated in the bladders.

The hygiene and sanitation activity at the transit camp is enormous. This includes daily cleaning of latrines, digging of pits and backfilling, hygiene and sanitation education on latrine usage, personal hygiene, tent and jerrican cleaning, procurement and distribution of
cleaning materials, etc. Donkey carts are rented to transport solid wastes collected from camps to final disposal sites.

Bur Amino Camp – This new camp has a planning figure of 40,000 refugees and currently has  close to 3000 refugees living there. LWF is responsible for water supply and is currently trucking around 40m3 of water every day. LWF has also been requested to provide water to the host community in Bur-Amino village. Plans are underway to provide water to the host community once the permanent water supply system is in place. Construction is ongoing.

Latrine construction has been difficult due to the rockiness of the soil in Buramino camp. LWF has received excavators from UNHCR and UNICEF and the construction of latrines has shown better progress during December. 54 latrines have been constructed up to date. This week alone, 18 latrine pits and superstructures were completed – ready for use.

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LWF Ethiopia Program


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