Ethiopia – Update on Dollo Ado and Sherkole/Tongo Camps 11th November 2011

by Essay Worabo, LWF Ethiopia program

Dollo Ado Camp, southern Ethiopia – Following the high number of refugees who have fled Somalia to Ethiopian border since mid-October, the number of arrivals has stablised to 150-200 refugees per day. However with the current conflict inside Somalia and along the Kenyan border , it means a very high number of refugees are expected to arrive in the Dollo Ado camps over the next few weeks.

Currently, there are close to 8,000 refugees in the transit centre. In order to decrease the number of refugees who wait to fetch water, LWF has increased the number of taps from 30 to 52. In the past week, LWF installed 3 water bladders, each with 10m3 capacity at the transit centre to increase the water supply for refugees.

LWF has also been promoting hygiene and sanitation in the transit centre. 30 pairs of emergency latrines, donated by Norwegian Church Aid were installed to serve 300 more refugees. LWF has dug 3 more garbage collection and soaking away pits.

The security situation in Dollo Ado is becoming a concern. During a recent task force meeting the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs advised that there are direct security threats and that NGOs should have evacuation plans and security systems in place. Administration of Refugee and Returnee Affairs reminded Non-Government Organizations of the responsibility of the Ethiopian Government to ensure the safety of all people in Ethiopia.

Sherkole/Tongo Camps – western Ethiopia – Fighting in Blue Nile, Sudan, continues forcing more refugees to cross the Ethiopian border. An estimated 50,000 refugees may need
to be accommodated and LWF has been given the responsibility to provide water supply and to promote sanitation and hygiene activities (WASH) as well as providing environment protection and community service in the camps.

As of 1 November, 15,169 Sudanese refugees were registered in the two camps at Sherkole and Tongo and in the transit centre. The majority of the estimated 28,000 refugees who had arrived since the start of fighting in Blue Nile since early September are scattered along the border in makeshift shelters or staying with other families in local communities. The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) and ARRA has advised implementing partners to be prepared to host more refugees in the camps.
Dollo Ado & Sherkole Refugee Update
NOVEMBER 11, 2011

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