Ethiopia – Dollo Ado camps Update 16th September 2011

Dollo Ado Somali refugee assistance:

  • In Somalia, the situation is deteriorating. Famine has been declared in six regions. The crises have resulted in the worst annual crop production in 17 years, reduction of labor demand, below average livestock prices and high mortality. These caused effects on food insecurity and malnutrition, reduced income and household purchasing power, increase of cereal prices and large scale displacement.
  • As of September 2011, 13.3 million of people are in need of humanitarian assistance in the horn of Africa. Out of which, 4.6 million of them are found in Ethiopia. There are 261,501 refugee caseloads as of 5th of September. More than 120,000 refugees are in Dollo Ado.
  • Reports have continued to show a high malnutrition rate in four camps in Dollo Ado. Medical screening of new arrivals recorded that 19 percent of children having severe acute malnutrition at Kobe camp, 16 percent near Hilaweyn, 10 percent in Melkadida and 7 percent at Bokolomayo.
  • An increase in the number of new arrivals have been witnessed in Dollo Ado. Earlier in this month, it was less than 100 people arriving each day. But on September 7th  and 8th, 500 Somali refugees arrived.
  • It is expected that Hilaweyn camp will reach its capacity by the end of this week given the current rate of influx of 200 to 300 per day: ARRA reported that there is an urgent need to begin work on construction of the fifth camp at Buramino. The plan to have a camp A and Camp B at Hilaweyn has changed.
  • For both reception and transit center, there was a 100% water coverage for the individuals.
  • The construction of Dollo Ado sub office is underway. Site clearing, hollow block production, latrine construction, store construction and other activities are among the ongoing activities. LWF is planning to quickly move to the new sub office as the rented office is not comfortable from many aspects.
  • Training need of refugees assessed and 120 target refugees identified in each camp i.e.  Hilaweyn and Kobe
  • Land secured from ARRA and construction of semi-permanent training center is to be begin.
  • Trainers’ selection for brick making, tailoring and handicrafts is undergoing but there is less probability to find trainers amongst the refugees.
  • The drilling machine of NCA has not been operational since the 6th of September due to missing spare part. We are expecting NCA crew members to return to Dollo Ado from New year holiday at the end of this week.
  • More needs are coming to our office both from IPs operational in the area as well as government bodies for the rig machine. The regional, zonal and district officials had frequently contacted us for more bore holes.
  • If the machine is fixed, the first priority will go to Hilaweyn camp as the existing jet wells constructed by Oxfam GB were over-flooded in the first week of September. This needs discussion with Oxfam and other concerned agencies including UNHCR.

Health and Sanitation

  • LWF is currently refurbishing the pre-registration and  transit centers i.e. repairing and/or replacing latrines and shower rooms, water points, cleaning compounds, removing old tents, digging soaking pits to drain waste water from the water point areas.
  • Hygiene promotion activities using different IEC materials that we received from UNICEF and thorough campaigns – 10 more Health +Sanitation (H + S) promoters were recruited from the host community on a temporary basis
  • H+S equipment supplied to the refugees and center cleaners to prevent possible occurrence of AWD in the two centers (A very serious attention is rendered to H+S of both centers).
  • UNICEF is coordinating a weekly WASH coordination meeting for the host community whilst WASH coordination meeting for the refugees is held every Friday at Melkadida camp.  LWF is active in both meetings.

LWF/ Eth.Program,

Sept. 16, 2011

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