South Sudan – LWF can contribute to a new South Sudan

Cyprian Peter Lotari © LWF/DWS Kenya/J. Bosco

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Cyprian Peter Lotari (Sudan) is an LWF/DWS water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) project officer in Ikotos County, Southern Sudan. Lutheran World Information spoke to him about his work and his hopes for South Sudan’s future as an independent nation.

What is your role with LWF/DWS in Sudan and how long have you been working for the LWF?

I have been working with LWF in Sudan since March 2006.

From 2006-2008, I tracked and monitored returnees, counseled returnees and internally displaced persons (IDPs), and carried out distribution of food and non food items to IDPs, returnees and other vulnerable individuals.

I also organized community peace and conflict resolution seminars and directed the formation of peace committees in the six payams [districts] of Ikotos County as well as carried out HIV and AIDS awareness campaigns.

Since early 2009, I have been working in the area of water management and sanitation: supervising borehole drilling; training water user management committees, community hygiene promoters, and school hygiene and sanitation clubs; distributing hygiene kits.

What is the LWF’s involvement where you work?

The LWF is involved in constructing schools, improving educational management through training for parent-teacher associations and school management committees; drilling boreholes; promoting hygiene and sanitation; increasing food security; and building peace. HIV and AIDS is a cross cutting issue.

What are your hopes for the newly independent South Sudan?

I hope that LWF operations in the new Southern Sudan will continue for at least five years to contribute in the development of this new nation.

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