Myanmar – A village pond is our Life

A newly constructed pond in Bogalay township

Interviewer and Photos: Moe Naing Oo, Acting Project Officer, LWF Myanmar-Bogalay Township.

My name is Zaw Moe Swe. Tone Le is our village of Kalar Ohn Pin Su village located in the northern part of Bogalay Township. More than 500 peoples live here in 125 households. We could not get drinking water from underground so we rely on one village pond ( 97’ x 97’) but there was not enough to last the whole year.  In summer, for about three months, we needed to travel to another village’s pond to fetch water.  Most of the people are poor families and they waste nearly one hour of their time to carry water from the water resource.

Homes in our village are scattered, so some families are near to the village pond and others are very far. Unexpected help to overcome this difficulty came in December 2010 when we were provided 2,700,000 Kyats (2,700 US$) to help construct a new village pond from LWF.  1,700,000 Kyats (1,700 $) was for excavation and 1,000,000 Kyats (1000 US$) was for pond fencing.  All of our villagers actively and happily participated and contributed the labor to excavate the new village pond.  Sixty people from poor families worked daily as permanent labors and excavation work was finished within nine days. They got 2,500 Kyats per day and were quite satisfied with that.  A new village pond (1000’ X 100’) was the successful outcome of the project.  We have not yet finished the fencing, but we will, for sanitation, safety and security reasons.  But now our worries and difficulties for water shortage in the summer season are gone.  Now water is easily accessible and we have more time and more opportunities for our lives.

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