Djibouti – Visit by Michael Hyden

by Michael Hyden
There was a visit last week to Djibouti from FCA Ms Carita Kappi, Maritta Niskanen-Tamiru, and LWF Philip Wijmans (LWF Kenya) and Michael Hyden (LWF Geneva) to the LWF Djibouti program.  The program is managed by an Kenya Program Manager called Ms Robai Naliaka who started he work in January 2011.
The ongoing arrival of refugees to Djibouti, almost all of whom must live in the Ali Addeh camp, where LWF works, has increased needs in all sectors in the overcrowded camp. Current figures are at 16,500 refugee mainly from Somalia but some case loads from Ethiopia and Eritrea. Access to safe drinking water has remained a concern for LWF and others we spoke to during the visit. The educational sector is LWF primary program in the refugee camp, and the program still needs qualified teachers, teaching materials and facilities so that secondary education and vocational training can be provided. With few job opportunities even for nationals, refugees lack avenues for self-employment, preventing them from becoming self-reliant or integrating into local communities.
The program is funded 85% by UNHCR and 25% by FCA.
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1 Response to Djibouti – Visit by Michael Hyden

  1. Tony Waters says:

    Hi Michael: How are things going. Looks like you are indeed still getting around! Say hi to Philip for us, too.

    Tony and Dagmar Waters

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