DRC – Lobbying against sexual violence towards women

By Charles Kawaya Ngenda

Women International Public Day which will be celebrated globally in March 8  , 2011, will not mean to the women in DRC that their dignity and respect have been recovered , since DRC  increasingly still  has a higher rate of sexually abused ladies mainly in North and South Kivu Province. For instance, during the celebration of New Year in January 1st, 2011 over 57 women have been sexually abused by DRC regular Forces’ elements in Baraka Town, South Kivu Province. United Nation Security Commission’s Resolution No 1960 (2010) provided to deal with Sexual abuse criminality, has no effect of sexual abusers perpetrators in DRC. Public Opinion as well as Humanitarian Community have on many occasions deplored in vain the impunity culture entertained by Authorities in DRC..

Approaching at International Celebration of women Public Holiday on 8th March 2011, Ms Elsa Mbebangu, LWF Psychosocial Section Officer is bringing together women sexually abused and who have been beneficiaries of COD 101 ACT Appeal response in order to develop a petition to be submitted to both Local Government Authorities and to the MONUSCO, (United Nations Mission for the Stabilization of DRC), as a mean of being vocal to voiceless.  Among the human rights abuse cases that are being perpetrated   against mankind in Eastern DRC, sexual abuse case inflicted to women seems to the most lowering and debasing of women and young ladies who are daily exposed to both DRC Regular and to Negative Forces’ elements. The sexual abuse inflicts women of different ages, starting 6 up 80 years old girls and ladies. Small girls as well as the Elderly ladies are targeted by perpetrators , because occultism belief of Offenders , that have a sex with the little girls and Eldest ladies makes them invulnerable  against  any fire guns  shot at battle fields as well as immunize them against HIV/Aids . Therefore, there is an increased number of knapped young girls and eldest ladies by warlords and we had a good number of stories of Sexual abuse Survivors, among them one extract is reported below:

Aged of 38 Ms ILEDA MASIKA is a displaced from Bingi settled in Kirumba in South Lubero in North Kivu Province in November 2010, who following the rape inflicted to her by three elements from Rwanda Liberation Democratic Front (FDLR), with whom she met at her plantation in Bingi, willing to steal the crops. Out of the rape the lady became pregnant, fact that has become a root cause of all kind of mistreatments  she undergo in her marriage , because her husband find the fact unbearable, so she was abandoned by her husband , then reconciled by LWF Psychosocial  Team .  She summarizes her story in following terms: “ LWF ‘s Team has helped me with advice to accept what has happened to me  , therefore I should not feel guilty for victimization , so I was encouraged to  pass the serologic test. I was lucky that the test was negative during the pregnancy and after I had given birth, my husband accepted my condition and the baby that came out of the rape relationship and matter of fact my husband covered all the expenses related maternity”.

It is important to note that Negative Forces operating in eastern DRC use ladies hostage whom they render sexual slavers. Most of those who have escaped from the hostage keep suffering from Trauma effects of being sexually abused by a good number of Negative troop elements, rejected by the community and their husbands for those who haven married ultimately numberless cases of raped  are either pregnant or contaminated by  HIV/Aids.

These facts need the Advocacy and lobbying on International public holiday for women where ladies say in unison NO, NO to sexual violence and to any sexist against women.

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