Central America – LWF/DWS Central America releases new video

by Estela Garcia, LWF Central America, Feb 2011

Nicaragua: Women Grinding Coffee

The Lutheran World Federation (LWF), Department for World Service (DWS) in Central America has just released a new video “Working for Sustainable Development” to show its work during 2008-2010.

The video was produced in Chinandega department, Nicaragua, and presents the efforts of the National organizations and the civil society, with the accompaniment of the LWF DWS Central America program, to improve the situation of people living in poverty and vulnerability.

World Service has a Regional Programme in Central America, with ongoing activities in Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador.

These countries have different histories; but they all share similar problems and challenges, such as migration, environmental degradation, drug-trafficking, violence, femicides and the degradation of the youth.

The organizations and social movements of the region have great challenges and multiple tasks before them, particularly relating to the need to articulate the various actors, to follow up on the regional situation and put forward regional proposals which contribute to a positive transformation that generates sustainable development.

This is why the DWS has a six year regional strategy (2008-2013) “Sustainable Development and Advocacy Program” which works on food security and sovereignty, advocacy and natural resource conservation, promotion of inclusive public policies and risk management and disaster response.

See the Video

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