Myanmar – Village Fertilizer Factory

Written by:

U Moe Naing Oo

Agriculturist, Bogalay Township

Lutheran World Federation (LWF)


My paddy field is getting worse. I have regularly applied fertilizer in my rice field but the harvest does not seem to increase in yield. I have been spending more money but my rice harvest is still low. U Aung Thein Naing shared his frustration during the community meeting together with other farmers in the village. U Aung Thein Naing lives in Boe Kone Village of Kansu Village Tract in Bogalay Township. He has been cultivating his paddy farm for 15 years now. I only know how to apply Urea and T-super fertilizer and I have experienced serious problem with the quality of soil and my rice yield is decreasing every year.  

After attending the compost making training U Aung Thein Naing learned new techniques in rice production. He found out that plants need different kind of nutrients in order to grow well. Organic fertilizer plays an important role in soil improvement that is not harmful to the environment. He was also able to learn how to make compost from plants and animal by-products and the important role of effective microbes (EM).

U Aung Thein Naing has started making his compost. He is very confident that his new fertilizer factory will enable him to increase his rice yield that will provide more food for him and his family.


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