Myanmar – Groceries at the backyard

Written by:

U Moe Naing Oo

Agriculturist, Bogalay Township

Lutheran World Federation (LWF)

Sar Phyu Su Village in Kalar Ohmpin Su Village Tract in Bogalay Township has no market place. Villagers buy food and other items from hawkers from neighboring villages.  Most villagers buy from the hawkers vegetables that are not available in their villagers. Most of the home garden plots grow only long pea and cucumber.

Daw Yin Htay is a simple housewife with three primary school children. She attended the vegetable production training conducted in her village while her children are in school. She learned about the important role of vegetables in providing nutrients for the body and techniques on how to plant and care for the vegetables. After the training, she volunteered to teach other women like herself on home vegetable gardening. “I want to help my neighbors to grow vegetables and benefit from them”, says Daw Yin Htay. With the support from LWF, she and her neighbors received a pack of various vegetable seeds to plant in their home gardens.

Daw Yin Htay and her neighbors started to plant vegetables in the home gardens. They are hopeful that they will be able to produce a lot of vegetables to eat. They no longer have to buy their vegetables and they can use the money to pay for their children’s school expenses. They can sell some extra vegetable and save money. The women are looking forward for the opening the grocery shop in their backyards.


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